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The professionals at IAAHS would like to share products that offer clinical science behind them.  Many of these products are mentioned by their scientific name and are found in some of our CE articles.  We are now providing licensed professionals with selective products for their practicing needs.  

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Purigenex Atelocollagen

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein polymer which makes up one third of the human body’s protein, and makes up 75% of the skin. In a Type I collagen molecule, there are antigenic formations called telopeptides at the end of the protein which consists of amino acids. This peptide sequence is unique to each individual. 


Purigenex Atelocollagen  

Generally collagen is not easily absorbed into the skin and must have specific properties in order to penetrate into the skin.   Normal skin has a negative ionic charge while the cellular membrane of aged skin develops an increased positive ionic charge. 

Purigenex offers a purified animal source collagen that is most like human collagen that must be kept at cold temperatures to maintain it's molecular integrity.  The science behind the Purigenex atelocollagen has enhanced the hydrophilic properties of Type I atelocollagen through succinylation, deriving a negative ionization of the molecule. Improved osmosis of purified atelocollagen is achieved when negatively ionized collagen creates an electrostatic interaction with the skin. In this way, absorbed negatively ionized collagen penetrates deep into the dermal and basal tissue increasing proliferation of the body’s own collagen and helping to activate dermal cell regeneration.  The Purigenex atelocollagen is an ideal topical for tissue regeneration, wound healing post operative cosmetic procedures, and treating signs of aging.     

Practitioners can obtain Purigenex atelocollagen by calling 

George at 310-849-5355. 


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