IAAHS Continuing Education Program

IAAHS Distance Learning Advanced Studies CE Program

The continuing education program offered by the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and Health Sciences is an exhaustive review of common practices and applications in managing skin conditions.  Our program is offered in two formats, online self study (distance learning), or self study books (correspondence learning) depending on the choice and needs of each professional.  Once completed, all CE courses come with a Certificate of Completion in medical aesthetics which is endorsed by the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and Health Sciences.   

Along with the online learning material, IAAHS offers books that contain the CE course in book format.  Please check availability on our Book Page.  

Our program is accessible and affordable for as little as $12.50 per CEU!  Let us know if you are a college or business owner and would like to offer our courses to your students or members at a discounted rate.  Please email us at iaahs.edu@gmail.com.              


Continuing Education


Online Certification

Our online certification is a convenient way of obtaining advanced studies and includes video content for further learning.  The student chooses the topic of interest and will learn how to master practicing as a clinical professional.  The online self study program includes CE material and test questions.  As a Member, the student will receive a link with online access to answer keys that offers the professional a seamless self study program.  Reference books are available that contain the CE course in print format.     

Self Study Book Certification

Our self study book is a convenient way to obtain certification and reference material.  Our self study book program includes CE material, test questions and answers in book format.  

Certificate of Completion

A Certificate of Completion comes with every CE course.  Once test questions are completed and emailed along with the correlating Registration form, a Certificate of Completion will be emailed.   


"I have been in the field of esthetics for over fourteen years and in the field of skin care and cosmetics for over twenty-five years.  I am always looking for interesting and informative CE courses, and I have found that there are many courses out there that are just not very enlightening or interesting.  I found this online course to be very intriguing and I actually re-learned or learned things which will be very helpful in my career.  The material was easy to read and very thorough.  Thank you!"     Katy N. Raleigh, NC. 

"I must say that these are not the usual online cookie-cutter courses that I have seen.  I found the material to be very comprehensive and relevant, and I feel as a practitioner the courses definitely moved me up the knowledge spectrum.  I highly recommend this program to those serious estheticians seeking a deeper understanding of the important work that we do."     Marion E. Boone, NC.  

"I have my Associates degree but I will soon begin working on my BSN. This read was a great refresh on what I learned years ago in my Anatomy and Physiology classes. It is so nice to have found esthetic focused health sciences!"     Kathryn C. Waterford, CA  

Educational Affiliates

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AIA School Member
ASCP Educational Affiliate

Dermatopathology Course Content



Causes of Cutaneous Diseases and Disorders CEU 4

Module 1 Epidermal Function 

Module 2 Immunity and Disease 

Module 3 Inflammation and Disease 

Module 4 Digestive Health and Disease 

Skin Diseases  

Sensitive Skin CEU 10

Module 1 Causes of Sensitive Skin

Module 2 Clinical Management of Sensitive Skin 

Rosacea CEU 16 

Module 1   Rosacea Pathology  

Module 2   Immunity

Module 3   Systemic Factor to Consider

                   Immune and Inflammatory Responses

Module 4   Lifestyle

Module 5   Strengthening the Skin Barrier


Module 6   Managing Rosacea with Chemical Exfoliation

Module 7   Clinical Management of Rosacea

                   The Natural Moisturizing Factor

Module 8   Managing Rosacea

                   Strengthening Immunity

Module 9   Managing Inflammation

Module 10 Clinical Management of Rosacea  

Acne CEU 16 

Module 1 The Sebaceous Glands  

Module 2 Causes of Acne

Module 3 Systemic Factors to Consider

                 Immune and Inflammatory Responses, Digestive Health    

Module 4 Holistic Therapies to Manage Acne

Module 5 Managing Acneic Conditions

Module 6 Clinical Applications

                 Latest Treatment Options

Module 7 Clinical Applications

                 Reducing Oil Production  

Module 8 Clinical Applications

                 Reducing Bactria  

Module 9 Summary

                Etiology and Clinical Management of Acne

Hyperpigmented Disorders


Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Melasma

Module 2 Clinical Management of Melasma

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Module 2 Clinical Management of Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

Sun Damage

Coming Soon

Module 1 Sun Exposure, Lesions, and Skin Cancer

Module 2 Clinical Management of Sun Damaged Skin 

Autoimmune Skin Disorders


Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Psoriasis

Module 2 Clinical Management of Psoriasis


Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Eczema

Module 2 Clinical Management of Eczema


Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Vitiligo

Module 2 Clinical Management of Vitiligo

Skin Disorders

Acne Scars

Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes of Acne Scars

Module 2 Clinical Management of Acne Scars 

Keratosis Pilaris

Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes and Clinical Management of Keratosis Pilaris

Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia

Coming Soon 

Module 1 Causes and Clinical Management of Sebaceous Gland Hyperplasia


Coming Soon

Module 1 Causes and Clinical Management of Milia

Advanced Esthetics Course Content


Advanced Esthetics

Chemical Resurfacing in Dermatology CEU 8

Module 1 Epidermal Function 

Module 2 Methods of Exfoliation 

Module 3 Chemical Peel Applications in Dermatology

Layered Peels in Dermatology CEU 8  

Module 1 Layered Peels  

Module 2 Inflammation, Melanogenesis

Module 3 Managing Fitzpatrick III-VI, Ethnicity

Module 4 Tissue Regeneration

Module 5 Managing Skin Conditions

Module 6 Layered Peel Process

Phototherapy in Dermatology


Module 1 Photobiological Process of Cells 

Module 2 LED Physics

Module 3 Laser Physics

Module 4 IPL Physics

Module 5 LED in Dermatology

Module 6 Laser in Dermatology

Module 7 IPL in Dermatology

Module 8 Photodynamic Therapy  (ALA/PDT) Biophysics

Module 9 Photodynamic Therapy in Dermatology

Physiology Course Content



Hormones and Skin Disease CEU 4

Module 1 Hormones

Module 2 Inflammation

Module 3 Hormones and Skin Disease 

Managing Ethnic Skin CEU 16 

Module 1 Sensitive Skin 

Module 2 Rosacea

Module 3 Assessing Skin Phototypes, Ethnicity

Module 4 Inflammation, Melanogenesis

Module 5 Hyperpigmented Disorders

Module 6 Managing Sensitive Skin , Rosacea

Module 7 The Natural Moisturizing Factor

Module 8 Managing Hyperpigmentation

Module 9 Clinical Management of Ethnic Skin

Module 10 Summary; Managing Ethnic Skin

Immunology and Disease Pathogenesis 

Module 1 The Immune System CEU 2 

Coming Soon

Module 2 Cells of the Immune System 

Module 3 Inflammation and Immunity 

Module 4 Digestive Health and Immunity 

The Endocannabinoid System CEU 16

Module 1 Function of the Endocannabinoid System

Module 2 The Nervous System 

Module 3 The Enteric Nervous System

Module 4 Immunity and Inflammation

Module 5 The Cutaneous Endocannabinoid System 

Module 8 Endocannabinoid Signaling and Skin Disease

Module 9 Phytocannabinoids 

Module 10 Phytocannabinoids and Well Being 


Improving the Skin Barrier

Tissue Regeneration

Senescence and Clinical Management of Aging Content


Senescence and Clinical Management of Aging

Senescence and Clinical Management of Aging

Module 1 Causes of Aging

Module 2 Managing Aging and Disease  

Module 3 Anti-Aging Cosmetic Applications 



The educational material provided by the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and Health Sciences is the intellectual property of Linda Gulla and is copyright material. The intent of the material is for advanced training or continuing education for licensed estheticians or paramedical professionals, and is offered in a downloadable format with video content.  In some states, the material can be used for recertification or relicensure.   

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