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The medical spa industry is growing exponentially and is one of the fastest growing segments in the medical field.  Numerous physicians are now offering clinical services as an adjunct to their already practicing services, where others would like to know where to begin and what particular services would meet the demand within their demographics.  

The professionals at IAAHS will help medical practitioners enhance their already existing spa, or we will help practitioners build an outstanding medical spa practice.  

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Please email us at or contact us at 828-266-5668 EST USA for further inquiries.   

Services Offered



We offer consulting services that help with medical spa development or strengthening an already existing medical spa.  Each consultation is unique and is based on individual needs and visions of future growth.                     

Training of Estheticians or Clinical Practitioners

This is a huge link for medical spa growth.  Many professionals are trained on clinical procedures or equipment, but lack the practicing skills and training necessary for client retention.  We feel that education and training is the key to practice growth and reputation.                                                                                             


We connect you with the marketing team of various pharmaceutical,  cosmeceutical or laser companies depending on your practicing needs. 


We assist in the initial implementation of your medical spa, and will continue to offer our services as you go through growing pains.    


We connect you to the most prominent leaders in the industry. Many companies offer perks for those who are using their products.  We suggest those who are on top of the latest technology in clinical science.    

Business Development

We believe that the business side of a medical spa is separate from the clinical side.  We connect you to those who specialize in the medical spa business as well as professionals who specialize in medical spa liability.