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Our background and experience includes over fifteen years of experience working with physicians and training paramedical professionals in cosmetic medicine and anti-aging applications. 

We are now bringing years of experience and knowledge to estheticians to expand their knowledge for continued licensure and advancement.  With years of experience and research, our educational team has created an extensive study of the integumentary system and clinical applications commonly used in the esthetic as well as in the medical esthetic field.  

We offer professionals a training program with a results-driven approach when assessing and managing skin conditions.  

Endorsed by Dermatologists

Our goal is to bring credible educational materials to the professional.  We are proud to offer material that has been reviewed and endorsed by Dr. Eric Schweiger, Dermatologist NYC, as well as Dr. Abdala Kalil, Celebrity Physician, Creator of the VI Chemical Peel.          

Recognized by Industry Leaders

Our educational platform is recognized by over 48 industry leaders, scientists, prominent physicians and dermatologists, and covers all aspects of therapy including clinical and paramedical applications, naturopathic therapies, and covers the effects of diet and lifestyle.  

Our program is vast and comprehensive, and offers the latest in clinical studies giving the professional a thorough understanding on the anatomy and physiology of the integumentary system and clinical applications. 

The program begins with the basic knowledge of the integumentary system and furthers into systemic factors that includes immunity, inflammation, and digestive health, and the effects of internal causes on skin disease.  For further study, the program discusses skin conditions and practicing options based on clinical studies.        

Physician Endorsement


Dr. Eric Schweiger, Board Certified Dermatologist NYC

Aesthetics is one of the most exciting fields in modern medicine. To be a practitioner and licensed professional in aesthetics means that you are helping change history in terms of how people in this generation look. Thanks to the incredible advancements in cosmetic procedures and skin rejuvenation therapies, people are looking better and more youthful well into their later years. One only has to look at the famous women of today for proof of just how ageless we all have become as a result of laser technology, dermal fillers, and collagen regenerating techniques. 

The field of aesthetics has greatly expanded over the last 20 years, with many practitioners from different backgrounds providing care to patients all across the United States, and throughout the world.  In addition to the diversity of provider backgrounds, the amount of cosmetic procedures available keeps expanding exponentially. Providers who have a strong knowledge of cosmetic procedures, and fully understand the myriad of options available, are able to provide the best treatment possible for their patients. What may be the best treatment option for one patient, may not work as well for someone else. 

When practitioners make the decision to be in the field of aesthetics, they are making a choice to help people live their lives feeling better about themselves. Aesthetics goes beyond just skin deep. As a provider, it is within your power to give your patients the self-confidence they deserve. 

As a cosmetic dermatologist, I read this material for review and found it to be an invaluable resource and guide to the medical professional who provides aesthetic procedures. The material is an extensive review of common practices in cosmetic medicine, as well as covers the latest technology to treat skin diseases and disorders. Comprehensive in content, this material provides the practitioner with an educational tool in cosmetic dermatology, and should be required reading for all aesthetic practitioners worldwide. 

Dr. Eric Schweiger

Board Certified Dermatologist, New York City 

Founder of Schweiger Dermatology and Clear Clinic  

Dr. Eric Schweiger, Dermatologist

Managing Acne 

Physician Endorsement


Dr. Abdala Kalil, MD, Creator of the VI Chemical Peel

I read this material for review. The information was well presented, clear and concise. The material covers the basics, and discusses much more, covering aesthetic science and the latest technology in skin care and clinical applications. Linda was truthful with her intention to make it easy and smooth reading, and discusses in depth, clinical options as well as many terms and ingredients used in the world of aesthetics. 

While I was supposed to be the reviewer, I was humbled to learn from it, as she covered items I was not so familiar with. It does not mean I was swayed, but rather, it strengthened my convictions about a few things that I am working on, and it gave me some certitude that made sense. A skin care provider should be able to provide the best treatments available, and for this it is necessary to know at least the basics to intelligently compare and advise. This material represents the accepted conventional science and practice, and a good beginning of expanding an understanding and experience in the care of the skin.

To the ones that are beginning their journey, and to the ones in the middle of it, we are about to see an explosion in demand for skin care and anti-aging, a term I hate dearly since I believe in prevention essentially. This demand is parallel to the domination of technology in our daily lives. The desire to look better is stronger now more than ever in the history of humans, simply because our pictures and faces are transmitted hundreds of times a week through social networks, smart phones, emails, and other methods. Women do not retire from social life at 50 as in the past centuries, and need the self confidence we can give them. Men follow the same rule to a different extent, and in a more secretive desire.

Dr. Abdala Kalil

CEO Vitality Institute, Miami, FL 

Creator of the VI Peel, Celebrity Skin Care Therapist

In memory of Dr. Abdala Kalil MD for his advancement in aesthetic medicine 2013.  

Dr. Abdala Kalil MD, Aesthetic Specialist

Philosophy on Beauty 

Professional Contributors

The educational material provided by the IAAHS has been reviewed or approved by industry leaders.

Abdala Kalil MD, Vitality Institute 

Adrian Richards MD, Aurora Cosmetic Surgery, UK

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IAAHS brings Credibility to Advanced Esthetic Education

The instructors at IAAHS want to ensure accurate scientific information with credible resources, and emphasizes the importance of advanced training for career advancement. The content of our program is based solely on clinical studies and most can be found on pubmed.com.