The Founder of IAAHS


Linda Gulla, Licensed Esthetician NSPEP Master

Linda Gulla is the founder of the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and Health Sciences, and creator of the advanced esthetics continuing educational program.  Her passion is to bring the latest technology and practicing techniques to licensed estheticians worldwide. Her goal is to raise awareness of the profound impact that an educated, trained, and highly skilled professional can have on the field of esthetics. Raising credibility and industry standards through NCEA COA helps to ensure this recognition.       

About the Founder

Esthetic Field

Linda Gulla

Linda Gulla  a NSPEP physician endorsed Master esthetician and published writer, whose material is well known and has been featured in Dermascope professional publications.  After careful review of her educational material, Linda was chosen as a reviewer with Milady publishing whose expertise is now included in the Milady Advanced Esthetics 2nd edition, which is used as a Master Esthetics program in some states. During her career she has had the opportunity and honor as guest speaker at the International Dermal Institute in Atlanta, where she shared her expertise with skin care professionals.  

In 2012, Linda collaborated with the CEO of Biogenix Skin Sciences in product research and development of the Biogenix Skin Sciences TCA chemical peel, offering the professional the latest in chemical resurfacing science. Through this collaboration, Linda developed an advanced training program for Biogenix which offered her expertise to licensed professionals.  

Linda is passionate about raising the standards through advanced education, and sharing her expertise with estheticians through continuing education and accreditation through the NCEA COA.

Medical Field


Linda Gulla started her career with CME certification in Cosmetic Medicine for Family Physicians.  This advanced training jump started her career path in the medical field.  Her expertise met the demand of physicians where she specialized in med spa development and implementation for family practice physicians, and is where she started her first medical spa in Michigan.  Her years of experience working not only in the medical spa but along side of family physicians, gave her great insight into the clinical world of cosmetic medicine.  

Linda became passionate about sharing her expertise in 2008 when she started writing and sharing her knowledge with skin care professionals.  In 2012 she published her first book geared for licensed professionals called Dermapathology Diseases and Disorders, which was reviewed and endorsed by Dr.Eric Schweiger, Dermatologist NYC.  Since then, her writings have been acknowledged and read by numerous industry leaders of which she was given recognition and copyright permission for image content. The content includes global contributions by pharmaceutical and laser companies, as well as scientists who are recognized for advanced studies.         

In 2013, Linda had an opportunity become an adjunct instructor with the National Procedures Institute, a joint venture of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine and the Texas Academy of Family Physicians.  Through the National Procedures Institute she shared her knowledge and  expertise to family physicians and dermatologists.  That was a huge moment in her career where she realized the need for an unilateral educational platform in advanced studies for estheticians.  Her CME material was ACCME accredited which consists of seven medical review boards and organizations, and is the highest level of accreditation in the medical field.  

During the majority of her career Linda was driven to share her knowledge to estheticians and paramedical professionals, and developed an educational platform bridging multilevel practitioners.  Her intent is to bring credibility and career opportunities to licensed estheticians by raising the standards with accurate and credible science based information and practicing applications.